Thursday, December 10, 2009

A christmas without rain boots

It is a rainy day in Korea and I have been sulking. The days of December are quickly passing and discussions of christmas can no longer be avoided. I’ve never been overly fond of the holidays but this one seems especially daunting. This will be my first christmas away from my home and I’m feeling alone. To add to my yuletide anxiety, my mother and sister will be in Costa Rica, my step father is in Afghanistan, and my closest friends are leaving Korea.

To summarize things for you- My loved ones will be scattered around the world, and my only communication with them will be through emails.

It isn't hard to point out that it was my choice to leave home and that I am choosing to be sad. I'm a particular person that doesn't settle easily; thus, If the company is not right, I usually prefer to be alone. I know I am responsible for my own isolation.

Time will tell how this christmas will pan out. Perhaps something good will happen or I’ll learn to enjoy my solitude. Until then, lets all hope that the days ahead are a little sunnier than today.

A picture of someone special at home:

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