Friday, November 27, 2009


Today is Good Sounding day and I feel lucky. Nothing exciting ever happens on the 27th of November but it is something I have always looked forward to. Good Sounding day is my own personal holiday to celebrate me.

Of course, most people feel this way about their birthdays but birthdays come with baggage. Unlike my anivers√°rio, I do not expect anyone to remember that today is special. I do not feel any older and I will not receive a hallmark card.

What l plan on doing is snuggling under some warm blankets and then taking an extra long shower. I will also drink a lot of coffee and eat a particularly large portion of cheese. I will moisturize my feet and then put on clean socks...if I can find clean socks. I will do regular things with care.

I've posted some pictures of good things for you on my good day. Hope you have a good weekend. Goodbye.

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