Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Breaking Rules

I have a class every wednesdays that mostly consists of little girls. A couple of months ago, one of these girls asked me to draw a puppy in her notebook. I didn’t see the harm in it, so I made her a puppy. The little girl carefully colored it in and then put it away. The following wednesday, the same little girl and two other girls asked me to draw them kittens. I am not really suppose to draw in class but I did it anyways. In order to redeem myself as a teacher, I told them they had to participate in class to receive any more pictures. I felt pretty good about my compromise with the kids.

I am beginning to see that there are problems with this deal. The number of little girls wanting pictures has multiplied and now some of the little boys are wanting pictures too. During my class, I am probably popping out a new picture every two minutes. In addition, I have noticed that these children are bringing markers and crayons to class in order to tailor their critters. I have turned english class into art class.

Even though I am aware that I am doing something wrong, a part of me enjoys it anyways. When I was a little girl, I always wanted someone to draw me a picture. I took great pride in cutting those pictures out and laminating them into toys. Now I am the adult drawing critters for little girls.

Eventually my ‘art’ class will come to an end. These children will level up and new ones will level in. So for now I think I will continue to humor these children with dogs, kittens and birds while they try to speak english. That isn't so bad is it?

Things I learned today:

Rabbit ~ 토끼

Hop~ 깡충


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