Tuesday, September 7, 2010


How many bugs have I eaten since moving to Korea? That is a question I ask myself far too often. I seem to be fighting a constant battle against insects. First, I have a colony of little red ants who live in my apartment. They crawl across my keyboard, they sit in my chair, and they eat all of my porridge! It's actually come to the point where all of the food I own is either in the fridge, or has never been opened. Yet as hard as I try to keep the bugs from getting into my dinner, they make their way in before I've even gotten the groceries home. Today, when I was cutting up a new head of lettuce, I had a little red worm slither out of the leaves. And it wasn't too long ago that I found slugs napping on my celery. As happy as I am that I found these creepy-crawlies before I put them in my mouth, I can only imagine how many I missed! Yuck! I hope they were high in protein..

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